The gesture of solidarity and kindness from Naples

A caffè sospeso (suspended coffee) is a coffee paid for in advance as an anonymous act of charity. The suspended coffee is a Neapolitan tradition that boomed during World War II and has found a revival in recent years during hard economic times. The concept has been implemented by several generous cafes in Australia, including STREAT here to specifically to extend a hand to the homeless. I feel this wonderful concept can extend beyond just those in just financial need. It may just be a $3 espresso you are buying for a stranger, but it's so much more. I think it’s an investment in a better society.

Melbourne is growing up very fast and having worked in the CBD now 20 years I would say that not all that progression has been positive. I live and work in the city and I’ve become increasingly aware of how intolerant, impatient and ill-mannered people have become towards one another. Stand and watch any tram stop and you will see what I mean.

Rather than continue to grumble on the plight of the human race. I thought I would try and do something about it.  Granted this initiative is somewhat ridiculous, but then again, so is life. If the surprise of a caffè sospeso restores just a fraction of faith, it has all been worth it.

So how does a Café Sopeso work? (Pay it Forward)

We have subsidised three beverages to share the gesture of goodwill.

Coffee Supreme Espresso – Boxer blend                 3,00
Amaro Americano                                                       7,00
Negroni                                                                     15,00

Simply order one of the drinks suspended and the next visitor to order that drink will receive your generous (suspended) gift.                                                                                       

I really thank you for your generosity and maybe that goodwill boomerang will swing your way on your next visit.          

Warmest regards

Matt Bax x