Aperitivo of the Week


Rinomato Bitter (ITALY)

A further extension of Giancarlo Mancino’s parade of Italian neo- classics, this aperitivo is another liquid love-letter to the bar culture his home country has produced. The label, inspired by Mancino’s own collection of vintage amari and quinquinas, is a perfect homage to yesteryear drinking: Chirata, angelica, wormwood, bitter orange peel, sweet orange peel, cascarilla bark, gentian root and rhubarb are listed as the botanicals, which are crushed in a 1930s mill before being macerated in sugar beet distillate for a month, then sweetened, diluted and filtered. The first sniff is orange-dominant, followed by vanilla and a green freshness that mirrors the genteel bitterness of the palate. The mouthfeel is also much less forceful and woody than Campari.